About Us

A message from the owner...


A few years ago I was driving along the highway to Tampa International Airport when it really struck me...  there was water everywhere that I looked .  There was fresh water, saltwater and brackish water in abundance. and with Florida's spectacular warmth and sunshine there were plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy it.     

I realized that with so much outstanding weather and water here in Florida  that I needed to take advantage of what I was missing out on so I took up a new hobby....fishing. 

I joined a boat club and asked about who could teach me how to fish.  The answer?...Captain Casey.  I  hired captain Casey a number of times and really enjoyed his approach and his patience when it came to dealing with a know-nothing like myself.  Now Casey is a great guy and all but there is something else; he always found the fish, great fish.      

Just before I decided to found Florida Charter House, Casey invited me to join him fishing on one of his prospecting trips.  Mind you, this was in the middle of last years red tide and. a diver friend om mine had just told me that he had dove in Sarasota Bay and that everything inshore had been wiped out.   I decided to take Casey up on his offer anyway and at least go along for the ride.  I thought it would be a waste of time to fish based on what I had  heard but it was a chance to take enjoy a few hours on the water.


When I arrived I met  another of Casey's more regular customers, who was ready to fish.  I was skeptical.  Casey motored up to a spot he thought would still be holding Mangrove Snappers and  directed the the other guy where to pitch the bait ...pop, pop, pop, The other guy was catching like Snapper like  mad.  Next spot,...big Red Fish, then two!, then a giant snook!  What the heck is going on here?  The answer, as always, was Capt. Casey.

During this time I also realized I outgrew the boat club and it was time to invest in a boat that could take me as far offshore as I wanted to go.  I purchased a new 26' Twin Vee and loaded it up with every piece of equipment I could think of to make this the best boat I could (More about the boat here). 

I wanted to be as close as possible to the Gulf of Mexico so that I could spend more time fishing and less time getting the there.   I found the perfect  property right on Lemon Bay  that is only a five minute ride from my dock to the Gulf of Mexico via Stump Pass.  

Sometime during all of this I decided to share this experience with others and began what is now Florida Charter House.   All that was needed was a great USGC certified captain and I knew just who to call.   I believe that you will enjoy your stay here and that fishing with Captain Casey will be a memory that you will cherish forever.